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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle and relaxing form of hands-on healing that uses universal Life Force energy. Rediscovered in the late 1800s by Japanese Minister Dr Mikao Usui, it has passed down from teacher to student and is now practiced in many countries around the world. So simple that even children can use it, Reiki can be used for healing people, animals, situations, and even to raise the energy of food and water.

Bev Bultitude is a Reiki Master trained by Beth and John Gray, fourth in line of descent from Dr Usui, and is one of-the original teachers of Reiki in Australia. She has practiced and taught this gentle healing art widely both in Australia and internationally. Over more than two decades as a practitioner, Bev has had great success in healing conditions such as physical pain, disease, stress, and burns.

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Bev experienced the powerful healing benefits of Reiki in a personal crisis in 1990.
While visiting the United States, Bev received a severe burn to her right arm that required hospitalisation and a skin graft. She was advised by her doctors that she would be required to wear a pressure bandage for 18 months, receive physiotherapy and would probably bear the scar for life.

However, after she used Reiki to treat the burn, Bev's arm healed in just five weeks - without a pressure bandage. without physiotherapy and without any scarring whatsoever. Moreover, Bev found the experience was an opportunity to release trauma from an old childhood wound that had occurred when she was a baby. Today Bev has great success in healing other burns victims.


Reiki For Burns
Burn Relief
Burn Healed by Reiki

According to Bev, Reiki helps with many and varied problems. For example:

  • relieving pain, nausea, allergies, headaches, sports injuries, colds, flu, tension, fatigue, stress, panic attacks, fear, phobias and anxiety;
  • as an emergency tool for reducing bleeding, burns and shock;
  • aiding with childbirth, dental procedures, post-operative recovery, rehabilitation in cases of stroke, broken bones or heart attacks;
  • easing the discomfort of chronic disease;
  • to compliment medical and dental and other forms of healing;
  • relaxing and energising the body and creating a sense of well-being;
  • creating a deeper sense of understanding self and others;
  • energising people, animals, plants, food and everything we touch;
  • helping withdrawal from substances and behavioural addictions improving memory, learning, creativity and performance;
  • building confidence and promoting self-esteem.

The Three Degrees of Reiki:

First Degree:

  • Tools = Hands-on
  • Students receive four initiations which open up the healing channels in order to give hands-on healing.
  • Class includes the history of Reiki.
  • Basic anatomy and causation of 'disease' is discussed and illustrated.
  • Students are guided through the basic hand positions to give a full body treatment on themselves and others.
  • Perceptions of the senses are enhanced.
  • Communication and counselling skills are demonstrated.
  • A relaxing and nurturing environment is created.

Second Degree:

  • Tools = Symbols
  • Ancient Tibetan symbols are learnt to amplify energy, open intuitive channels and send energy over distance.
  • The technique of absent/distant healing is demonstrated and practiced.
  • Students receive a further initiation.
  • Counselling and emotional treatments are discussed and practiced.

Third Degree:

  • Usui Mastership
  • Tools = Intuitions

Beverley's Reiki Practice is at Caringbah in Sutherland Shire NSW

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