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Learn to understand the mystery of behaviour and the games people play in the competition of seeking personal power. Gain communication skills and confidence through professional and empathetic counselling.

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counselling Southerland ShireEverybody's behaviour is unique and different , perceiving information according to ones past learning , therefore the counselling session is tailored to accommodate the individual , my psychic sensitivity helps delve for the truth easily .
There is an art to hearing what a persons needs truly are , l listen and l hear. More than often one listens but not always hears the underlying mystery of accumulated patterns of behaviour, effecting needs and feelings . This is where my intuitive psychic counselling excels , l am able to walk a mile in another's shoes and understand and know what they are experiencing . Key words communicated at the right time is a springboard to achieving the desired positive outcome . I am challenged to discover the truth , the moment in time when the clients perceptions changed and influenced their beliefs and feelings. The secret is to clear blockages accumulated during the persons personal life journey over their years .
Attention can then be focused positively on Life coaching and goal setting for the client or clients.
My psychic ability gifts me a magic wand of awareness for change .My intuition is my gift to seeking the truth, the sessions shift in applying the right tool (words) at the right moment .
The therapies may include a number of different skills, eg , metaphors , story telling, NLP -, Neuro Linguistic Programming , TA, -Transactional Analysis, Kinesiology -, Muscle Testing, TFT,- Thought Field Therapy , Gestalt , -communication with self, Hypnotherapy , Lateralizing Glasses.
Counselling is the challenge to discovering the patterns of the subconscious Powerful Games People play. I psychically guide the client to set goals of their choosing , to aim high and realise their dreams can and will become reality .
Psychic ability keeps counselling simple.
Ultimately one is only limited by their own imagination .
Counselling :

  • Marriage Counselling
  • couples counselling
  • childrens counselling
  • sports performance counselling
  • grief counselling
  • behaviour modification
  • anxiety counselling
  • fear and phobia counselling
  • stage performance
  • screen 
  • dental
  • medical and more.

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