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Power of Suggestion

Article by Honor Tremain for national apn newspapers"

I was out to dinner with friends the other night. Sitting around a packed table in a swanky restaurant suddenly the sound of hiccups materialized.

The owner of the hiccups apologized and then went on to tell of how many years ago, he had hiccups at a party, a stranger approached him and offered to buy them in order to cure him. He sold them to the stranger for $2 and the hiccups disappeared instantly!

My husband thought this was the most ridiculous solution for hiccups ever, so as a joke, offered to buy this same mans hiccups now from him for $2.

Within seconds of the sale, once again, I lie to you not, the hiccups had evaporated!

What is going on here? How is this happening?

Last week we spoke to Sydney based hypnotist Beverley Bultitude on how our deep belief in something can make it true for our life, our body and us.

Beverley says that as children, a psychological seed is sown in us, which determines how we are each different in character, and from that perspective (be it positive or negative), we experience life.

The perspective we have on life, situations and ourselves becomes real for us, yet is really just the window we are viewing things from.

This is the framework from which hypnosis can work, by gently guiding someone’s core beliefs into being more positive, so that person see’s themselves, their body, their life and others, from a healthier view point.

And from there, whether it be stress, anxiety, quitting cigarettes, weight loss, other addictions, diseases or hiccups, that shift in view point becomes reflected in real life. But it all starts with that belief.

Beverley says: “Hypnosis is the Power of Suggestion, its powers are unlimited.

What the Mind can Conceive and Believe the Mind can achieve!”

Find more on Beverley in The Australian Hypnotherapist Association, the Hall of Fame or on 0418964457, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

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